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  • Singing: Add Spices on Students’ Learning (5/7/2018) - Teaching Science is indeed an exciting phase of teachers’ lives when it comes to delivery of instruction. It is not a boring subject to teach. In fact, it is indeed an interesting task to discuss all the things about science that makes students mor . . . Click to read more

  • My Journey as an SBM Practitioner (1/12/2018) - I have learned in the School Heads Development Program ( SHDP) that School Based Management ( SBM ) underscores the empowerment of the stakeholders in school communities to enable them to actively participate in the continuous improvement of school . . . Click to read more

  • The Importance of SHDP in Improving School Heads’ Performance (1/12/2018) - The Department of Education is doings its best to help the school administrators to become effective and efficient. A lot of trainings and seminars are being conducted for their improvement so that they become 21st Century leader. With this, School . . . Click to read more

  • 2017
  • Distance Learning (12/19/2017) - The present generation is growing up in a digital world. Using the internet and various products of technology plays a big role in our everyday experience thus the change to digital within education is leading to a raft of new exciting opportuni . . . Click to read more

  • Education of Today…Future of the Philippines (12/19/2017) - It’s a new trend in Educational system here in our country to totally full blast the implementation of having twelve years from pre elementary to secondary, the so-called senior high begun. Our government and some of its critics had some . . . Click to read more

  • We Rescue our Students through Remedial Teaching (12/19/2017) - Children with learning difficulties have the same psychological needs and characteristics as other children. Some of them, however, maybe less able to organize their perceptions or to comprehend abstract ideas and concepts. It’s our role then t . . . Click to read more

  • DepEd Ecija conducts FMOM roll out (12/4/2017) - DepEd Ecija conducts FMOM roll out The Schools Division of Nueva Ecija conducted the Financial Management Operation Manual (FMOM) roll out for non-implementing units spearheaded by the division accountant Marah Manahan-Pacson at Subic Bay Exhi . . . Click to read more

  • A Cultural Perspective in Education and Development (11/24/2017) - Education has been always equated with schools. However, education actually begins at birth and continues to grow and develop throughout life as individual learns his culture. This is what we called enculturation that is established with a skill . . . Click to read more

  • A Role to Act- STRATEGIC HABIT OF ASSISTING PEERS (SHAPE Teachers) (11/24/2017) - An instructional leader must have the ability to lead the implementation of the curriculum and delivery of instruction; create a learner-centered environment; monitor, supervise and evaluate teachers’ performance; and achieve planned learni . . . Click to read more

  • Age of Digital Literacy (11/24/2017) - The development of technology revolves so fast that so much of the things we have now were impossible or even inconceivable dreams then. Yet technology has advanced dramatically that we only imagined talking through a wireless hand-held phone let . . . Click to read more

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