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My Journey as an SBM Practitioner Articles 1/12/2018
The Importance of SHDP in Improving School Heads’ Performance Articles 1/12/2018
We Rescue our Students through Remedial Teaching Articles 12/19/2017
Distance Learning Articles 12/19/2017
Education of Today…Future of the Philippines Articles 12/19/2017
DepEd Ecija conducts FMOM roll out Articles 12/4/2017
A Cultural Perspective in Education and Development Articles 11/24/2017
A Role to Act- STRATEGIC HABIT OF ASSISTING PEERS (SHAPE Teachers) Articles 11/24/2017
Talavera NHS-Invitation to Bid for Tools, Farm Tractor and Pick-Up Service Announcement 11/24/2017
Age of Digital Literacy Articles 11/24/2017
Understanding Affective Filters in Second Language Acquisition Articles 11/24/2017
Keeping up. Articles 11/20/2017
Good Leadership Receives Positive School Relations Articles 10/24/2017
Varied Questioning Approach in Teaching Articles 10/12/2017
Educating Millennial Students: A Challenge for Educators Articles 10/12/2017
Building a Health School Working Relationship Articles 10/12/2017
Confidently Successful Teacher Articles 10/12/2017
The Baybayabas Elementary School Launched its Remedial Teaching Program Articles 9/26/2017
Insights on the Putting Up of knowledge Corner: A tool for Effective Teaching Articles 9/26/2017
KWENTO NG TAGUMPAY Articles 9/26/2017
Intervention and Motivational Factors in Learning English among Secondary Students: The Case of Putlod-San Jose National High School Articles 9/25/2017
Teachers Can Also Be a Star Articles 9/19/2017
Traits of an Effective Principal Articles 9/19/2017
Leadership is a Shared Function Articles 9/19/2017
Keep Calm and be Proactive Articles 9/19/2017
Our Learners’ Food Landscape Articles 9/19/2017
The Science of Persuasion Articles 9/19/2017
A Teacher’s Journey Articles 9/19/2017
The Benefits of ELLN Among Our Students Articles 9/19/2017
The Research and Research Interest Articles 9/18/2017
Prioritizing Education Articles 9/14/2017
An Infinite Relation Articles 9/14/2017
The Science Behind Teaching Articles 9/14/2017
Teachers Creativeness in Learning Articles 9/14/2017
Effects of Social Media in Academic Performance of the Learners Articles 9/13/2017
The Perfect Instructor Articles 9/5/2017
Teaching with Passion Articles 9/5/2017
Tutelage is One's Affirmation in Teaching Values Articles 9/5/2017
How Can a Teacher Keep His/Her Students Interested and Motivated to Love Math Articles 9/5/2017
Best Practices That Work Articles 9/5/2017
Life of a Teacher in a Day Articles 9/5/2017
Ready to Serve Articles 9/5/2017
Teacher-Researcher Articles 8/14/2017
Computer Technology Integration in School Management Articles 8/14/2017
Teaching Science to Millennial Students-Challenge Accepted Articles 8/14/2017
High Regards Comradeships with Parents Inspired All Teachers Articles 8/9/2017
The Plight of a Teacher Articles 8/9/2017
Learners Need Positive Attention Articles 8/7/2017
Striving to be an Outstanding Teacher Articles 8/4/2017
Role of Parents in Education Articles 8/4/2017
The Magic of Books Articles 8/4/2017
Home Visit: An Enfold Towards School Commitment Articles 7/25/2017
Rubrics: Directing the Goal Articles 7/25/2017
Revisiting Instructional Planning Articles 7/25/2017
Vision and Mission to Organizational Success Articles 7/25/2017
Teachers Ought to Teach the Explicit Way Articles 7/24/2017
Substantive Enhancer of Students’ Manipulative Skills in Teaching Science Articles 7/21/2017
Reasons Why People Procrastinate and Why Teachers Should Not Articles 7/21/2017
Becoming an Effective Life Guides Articles 7/21/2017
Millenialstudes apt 21st Century Mentors Articles 7/21/2017
Utilization of Authentic Instructional Materials in Teaching Enhanced Teaching-Learning Process Articles 7/21/2017
PTA Conference Matters Articles 7/21/2017
Singing: Add Spices on Students’ Learning Articles 7/21/2017
High Morale of Alternative Learning System (ALS) Teachers Articles 7/21/2017
The Prime Movers Articles 7/20/2017
We Are All School Leaders Articles 7/20/2017
Proud of Hilario E. Hermosa Mem. High School Articles 7/20/2017
Never Say Never Articles 7/20/2017
Adapting to Change Articles 7/20/2017
21st Century Way of Organizing the Classroom Articles 7/20/2017
Conflict Management Strategies In the Public Schools Articles 7/20/2017
Moving with Compassion Articles 7/20/2017
School Based Management (SBM) Articles 7/20/2017
Inform - My Legacy as a Teacher with Breast Cancer Articles 7/20/2017
Teacher’s Professional Competence and Leadership Articles 7/20/2017
Being the Best You Articles 7/20/2017
The School Head as the Anchor of Quality Education Articles 7/20/2017
Problems Encountered in K to 12 Curriculum Articles 7/20/2017
K to 12 Plans and PAPs: Management of Curriculum Implementation Articles 7/20/2017
School Leaders in the New Educational Set Up Articles 7/19/2017
Educational Reform : An Authority and Accountability Articles 7/19/2017
ICT… I Care Truly Articles 7/19/2017
Passionate Administrator Begets Passionate Teachers Articles 7/19/2017
Leadership vs. Management Articles 7/18/2017
Talinghaga ng Malaki at Malilit na Puno Articles 7/17/2017
Bakit Kami Guro? Articles 7/17/2017
OHSP, a panacea to elusive education Articles 7/17/2017
Squared Life Articles 7/17/2017
Resourcefulness, Innovativeness and Productivity as Significant Elements for Technological Advancement Articles 7/17/2017
Diversity in Technology Articles 7/17/2017
Maam or Mom? Articles 7/17/2017
Getting Away from Poverty Through Entrepreneurship: A Head Teacher’s Perspective Articles 7/12/2017
TEACHING is… Articles 7/12/2017
One Can Make a Difference Articles 7/12/2017
Positive Discipline Articles 7/11/2017
Spoonful of Food that Leads to a Banquet of Life: The Paramount Need For Better Health of Students Articles 7/11/2017
Co-Curricular Activities: Avenue for Students Growth and Development Articles 7/11/2017
How Do You Look Teaching? Articles 7/11/2017
Interaction Toward Positive Values Development Articles 7/10/2017
Elementary Pupils, Are You Disciplined’’ Articles 7/7/2017
K-12 in all levels Articles 7/7/2017
Be a 10 in 1 Teacher Articles 7/7/2017
Reading Habits of Pupils Today Articles 7/7/2017
Better Use of ICT In Education Articles 7/7/2017
Effects of Computer Games on Children Articles 7/7/2017
Reading: The Gateway to Learning Articles 7/7/2017
Teaching in the New Generation Articles 7/7/2017
HEART in Teaching Articles 7/7/2017
Realization of a Teacher Articles 7/7/2017
Significance of Motivation in Education Articles 7/6/2017
Prevention Is Better Than Cure Articles 7/6/2017
The School Paper an Advance To A Good Reading Habit Articles 7/6/2017
Who Is to Blame on Pupils’ low Academic Performance? Articles 7/6/2017
Reading Strategy, A Tool for Skill and Reading Comprehension Articles 7/6/2017
“The School Paper’’ an Advance To A Good Reading Habit Articles 7/6/2017
Teacher’s Task in Values Development Articles 7/4/2017
Equilibrium (The System Balance of Fairness) Announcement 7/4/2017
Deworming Re-Orientation and Weekly Iron with Folic Acid Supplementation (WIFA) for Female Adolescent Females, Grades 7-10 Orientation Announcement 7/4/2017
Dealing with the Millennial Learners Articles 7/4/2017
History Teaching of Today Inspires Modern Day Heroes Articles 6/27/2017
Essence of People Power Revolution; Reviving Democracy in our Modern Education Articles 6/27/2017
Delegation of Responsibility Breeds Success Articles 6/27/2017
Collaboration: The Strength of Every Organization Articles 6/27/2017
NEW STATION… NEW LIFE … Articles 6/27/2017
PLEASE! DON’T READ THIS Articles 6/26/2017
Like Diamonds Articles 6/22/2017
An Effective 21st Century Educator Articles 6/20/2017
The Time for Change Is Now Articles 6/19/2017
The Advent of Technology in The Modern Education System Articles 6/19/2017
Alternative Career Articles 6/19/2017
No Parents Left Behind Articles 6/19/2017
The Practical Influence of STAR observation Articles 6/19/2017
Liberality of teachers in the Present-day School Setting Articles 6/19/2017
Android Zone Articles 6/16/2017
Limiting Unli-Rice Articles 6/16/2017
English Acronym: Towards Effective Teaching Of Communication Skills Articles 6/16/2017
Guidance as Growth and Development Service Articles 6/16/2017
It’s not a big deal! Articles 6/15/2017
It's not a big deal! Articles 6/15/2017
Mesmerized by Her Articles 5/31/2017
Sports in the Campus Articles 5/31/2017
The Significance of Learning English Articles 5/31/2017
An Exploration on The Traits of Generative Leaders Articles 5/30/2017
Height Doesn’t Matter Articles 5/30/2017
The Dream of a Teacher Articles 5/30/2017
A Guide to Becoming an Effective Public Servant Articles 5/30/2017
Computer Technology in Modern Education System Articles 5/30/2017
Resolving Conflicts in Workplace Articles 5/30/2017
Czarina Domingo Umali Hymn Articles 5/30/2017
Scientific Research Among Grade 10 Students : Basis for STE Curriculum Advancement Articles 5/30/2017
Science and Technology: Real Score on its Millennium Breakthrough Articles 5/30/2017
2017-2018 RQA Senior High School Announcement 5/30/2017
Strengthening Vocational Education Articles 5/29/2017
Registry of Qualified Teacher Applicants 2017-2018 Announcement 5/29/2017
It Is All Right to Lose Articles 5/29/2017
How Education Transformed? Articles 5/29/2017
Positive Teacher-Student Relationship: One Factor to Learning Articles 5/26/2017
Proper Sanitation: Its Positive Effects on Health Articles 5/26/2017
Work from Boredom to Flow Articles 5/26/2017
Night Sleep Articles 5/26/2017
A TEACHERS PASSION Articles 5/25/2017
The Right Dosage Articles 5/25/2017
CHOOSING A CAREER PATH Articles 5/25/2017
Breast Cancer: Examine Yourself Before It’s Too Late Articles 5/25/2017
Pedagogical Quotes Articles 5/25/2017
The 21st Century School Leader Articles 5/25/2017
ON BEING A GOOD LEADER Articles 5/25/2017
Transition: HS TO UNIVERSITY Articles 5/25/2017
2017-2018 Registry of Qualified Teacher Applicants-Elementary and Kindergarten News 5/25/2017
5H of a Noble and Successful Teacher Articles 5/25/2017
2017-2018 Registry of Qualified Teacher Applicants-Junior High School News 5/25/2017
2017-2018 RQA Elementary and Kindergarten Announcement 5/25/2017
2017-2018 RQA Junior High School Announcement 5/25/2017
Helping the Pupils Who Have Reading Difficulty Articles 5/23/2017
Dealing with Different Types of Learners Articles 5/23/2017
The Teacher’s True Worth Articles 5/23/2017
Going Back to the Bible Articles 5/23/2017
Transformation through Academic Excellence Articles 5/22/2017
Understanding Co-Curricular Activities Articles 5/22/2017
Effects of Seminars/Trainings for Professional Development of Teachers Articles 5/22/2017
An Invitation to Strengthen Community-Schools Relation News 5/22/2017
3-Decade Curse News 5/18/2017
Managing Classroom Time Articles 5/18/2017
Inspiring Teachers to Teach Articles 5/18/2017
The Significance of School to School Partnership Articles 5/18/2017
Educators as Educational Researchers Articles 5/18/2017
Keeping the Bayanihan Spirit Alive through Partnerships with the Community and Stakeholders Articles 5/18/2017
What Every Teacher Ought to Know About Classroom Observation Articles 5/18/2017
Strengthening Results Based Performance Management System for Teachers Articles 5/18/2017
Condoms for Teachers Articles 5/18/2017
Continuing Professional Development: A Boon or A Bane? Articles 5/18/2017
Improving Classroom Participations Through Brain - Based Strategies Articles 5/18/2017
Teaching Devices, Just a Click Away Articles 5/18/2017
Teacher’s Actions can Make and Unmake a Child to Learn in School Articles 5/18/2017
Teaching Mathematics is More Fun in Kindergarten! Articles 5/18/2017
Tracking Teacher’s Competency in Accordance with the K to 12 Curriculum Articles 5/18/2017
Heading the Lead Articles 5/18/2017
The Teacher in the Academe Articles 5/18/2017
ICT Literary: A Must for Every Teacher Articles 5/18/2017
How Children Learn Science in Kindergarten Level? Articles 5/18/2017
The New or Progressive Way of Teaching Articles 5/18/2017
The Cliche on Youth and Nation Articles 5/17/2017
Hitting the Ages: A School Head’s Perspective Articles 5/17/2017
Is There a Need for School Heads to Innovate? Articles 5/17/2017
Mathematics and Nature Articles 5/17/2017
I Am the Successor of The Past Articles 5/17/2017
What makes a Teacher? Articles 5/17/2017
What it takes to be an educational leader? Articles 5/16/2017
The Success of K to 12 Curriculum Articles 5/16/2017
Are You A Leader and A Mentor? Articles 5/9/2017
A Leader's Vow Articles 5/9/2017
Educational Transformation: The New Face of Mentoring and Coaching Articles 5/9/2017
Ways and Benefits of Improving Health, Nutritional Status of our Students Articles 5/9/2017
Doing What is Good vs. Doing What is Right: A School Principal’s Dilemma Articles 5/9/2017
A True Teacher Never Gives Up Articles 5/9/2017
Senior High School Program…a response to the need of progressive educational system Articles 5/9/2017
The New or Progressive Way of Teaching Articles 5/9/2017
My Story Articles 5/9/2017
Baloy On My Mind Articles 5/9/2017
A Good Leader Articles 5/9/2017
Teaching A Noblest Profession Articles 5/9/2017
Motivation as Vital Part of Effective Management Articles 5/9/2017
On Plastic Wastes Articles 5/9/2017
DORP Saving the Youth for A Better Future Articles 5/9/2017
Research, Innovation and Publication: Do We Really Need Them? Articles 5/9/2017
Making a Lively Classroom Discussions Articles 5/2/2017
Handling Pupils’ Misbehavior Articles 5/2/2017
Tracking Teacher’s Competency in Accordance with the K to 12 Curriculum Articles 4/28/2017
S.T.A.R of a LEADER Articles 4/28/2017
True learning Articles 4/28/2017
Fight Against Polluted Education Articles 4/28/2017
Strengthening Values While Teaching Articles 4/28/2017
Living the Life of a Values Education Teacher Articles 4/28/2017
Heading the Lead Articles 4/28/2017
The Teacher in the Academe Articles 4/28/2017
Education is Not About Us Articles 4/28/2017
School Diplomacy and Harmony among Teachers Articles 4/28/2017
Writing as an Effective Tool for Pupils’ Growth and Development Articles 4/24/2017
Developing Pupils’ Reading Skills Articles 4/24/2017
A 21st Century Teacher is a Learning Facilitator Articles 4/19/2017
The Music and Teaching Articles 4/19/2017
Formula of Making Great Students Articles 4/19/2017
Towards STAR Level of Performance Articles 4/17/2017
A Teacher's Journey Articles 4/17/2017
Isang Milyong Lapis Campaign Articles 4/17/2017
A Glance on School-to-School Partnership Articles 4/17/2017
Nueva Ecija Educators attend 2017 Global Peace Convention Articles 4/11/2017
Leading Students to Read Books Articles 4/11/2017
A Day in Life of a Teacher Articles 4/11/2017
Dr. GarmaAddresses Educators in Global Peace Convention 2017 Articles 4/11/2017
Teachers are Leaders News 3/27/2017
Innovative Reading Climate for Slow Readers News 3/26/2017
A Call for School Innovation Articles 3/22/2017
A Piece of Chalk Articles 3/17/2017
The Pros and Cons of a Technologically Advanced World Articles 3/17/2017
Good and Bad Science Articles 3/17/2017
On the Wings of Science Articles 3/17/2017
Numbers Fly Articles 3/17/2017
When Not Everyone is Cyber-ready for a ‘Teki’ World Articles 3/17/2017
Education in the 21st century for Better Teaching Articles 3/6/2017
The Importance of Action Research in Education Articles 3/6/2017
The Battle for Attention to Achieve Education News 3/6/2017
Teaching, a True Calling of a Lifetime Articles 3/6/2017
Classroom Management: A Significant Issue Articles 2/21/2017
DIFFERENT YET THE SAME Articles 2/21/2017
School Community Partnership Articles 2/21/2017
The Social Media Articles 2/21/2017
Effects of Gadgets on Youth, Students Articles 2/21/2017
Climate Change: A Global Issue Everyone Should Be Aware Of Articles 2/21/2017
A Call for Nationalism Articles 2/21/2017
The DepEd Ranking System and its Positive Effect on Teacher Productivity Articles 2/9/2017
Quality in Education With or Without Technology News 2/9/2017
A Retiree’s Reflection Articles 2/9/2017
Online Tools for Science Teachers: Key to Interactive Teaching Strategy Articles 2/8/2017
Advisory No. 44 s. 2017-National Workshop on Culture and Arts for Teachers News 2/8/2017
The 4 P’s of the 21st Century Education Articles 2/8/2017
Novelty Reading for Digital Natives Articles 2/7/2017
The Culture Trap Articles 2/7/2017
Proud to Be a Math Teacher Articles 2/2/2017
Teaching and Mirroring Articles 2/2/2017
The Ratio of Failure and Success Articles 2/1/2017
Great Teachers Don’t Teach Articles 2/1/2017
The Significance of Goodbyes and Farewells Articles 2/1/2017
Transformational Leadership: A Must to Every School Head Articles 1/31/2017
Project STAR Dimension 2: Key to Quality Instructions and Learning Outcomes Articles 1/31/2017
What Is Your Style in Leadership? Articles 1/30/2017
Let Us Inspire Others to Achieve Our Goal Articles 1/30/2017
DepEd’s GAD Training Towards a Gender-Fair Society Articles 1/30/2017
Strategies of Teaching Mathematics in a Fun and Exciting Way Articles 1/16/2017
Parent-Teacher Partnership-A Key to Pupils’ Better Development Articles 1/16/2017
How Education Shape Social Relations Articles 1/16/2017
Every School Head’s Dream… Articles 1/13/2017
The Role of Holistic Assessment and Individualization in Educational System Articles 1/13/2017
Outcome Based Education: Aligning with Global Education Trends Articles 1/13/2017
3-Decade Curse Articles 1/13/2017
Inspirational Leadership Style Articles 1/13/2017
I Love What I Live Articles 1/13/2017
Teachers Must Be Computer Literate Articles 1/13/2017
TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION: A Response to the K to 12 Challenge Articles 1/13/2017
Making Both Ends Meet: The Perennial Problem of Teachers Articles 1/13/2017
Mastering the Art of Delegation Articles 1/13/2017
Transformative Leaders in a Fast Changing World Articles 1/13/2017
Healthy Relationship Among Teachers Regardless of School Culture Articles 1/12/2017
She’s Always a Teacher to Me Articles 1/12/2017
Building Network: How Teacher Should Relate with Parents Articles 1/12/2017
The K to 12 generation: A New Breed Articles 1/12/2017
Mobile Handouts Articles 1/12/2017
Field Study Articles 1/12/2017
Collaborative Teaching Between Parents and Teachers Articles 1/12/2017
This is my story…… First Love Never Dies Articles 1/12/2017
The Value of Gratitude News 1/12/2017
Honouring Our Profession Articles 1/12/2017
Confession of A Registered Nurse Turned Licensed Teacher Articles 1/12/2017
The Lighter Side of Being an Administrator Articles 1/12/2017
Motivational and Self-Regulated Learning Components of Performance in Mathematics Articles 1/11/2017
Quality Education in Mathematics Education Articles 1/11/2017
Battle Cry for Quality Education Articles 1/11/2017
Quality Education in the Philippines Articles 1/11/2017
A School Head’s Journey Articles 1/9/2017
Management and Leadership: A Great Responsibility Articles 1/9/2017
Features of a Good Leader Articles 1/9/2017
The Role of Stakeholders in K to 12 Curriculum Articles 1/9/2017
Traditional Filipino Games Articles 12/15/2016
Hold On, Mentors Articles 12/15/2016
Where Is English Proficiency? Articles 12/15/2016
GSIS E-Card for Release Announcement 12/14/2016
Importance of Educational Aims in Teaching and Learning Articles 11/25/2016
The Importance of Criterion-Referenced Instructional Supervision (CRISS) In Classroom Observation Articles 11/25/2016
Using Audio-Visual Media in Teaching Articles 11/17/2016
The Need for a Sustainable Feeding Program in Schools Articles 11/17/2016
K to 12 Protégées: Laddering Towards Professional Advancement Through Career-Readiness Enhance with Capability as Budding Business Magnates Articles 11/17/2016
Visiting Community Resources: A Teaching Strategy Articles 11/17/2016
Selling Healthy Snacks in School Canteens: Is it a reality? Articles 11/17/2016
K to 12 Implementor’s Greatest Challenge: How to Make the Curriculum Work Articles 11/17/2016
Developing Child Discipline: A Great Challenge to Teachers Nowadays Articles 11/16/2016
Writers Without Pens Articles 11/16/2016
Decision Making Process of First Year School Heads Articles 11/16/2016
A HUGE Change Is Coming! Articles 11/16/2016
Classroom Discipline: Shaping the Mind and Character of Pupils Articles 11/16/2016
Developing ICT Skills; A Life-long Learning Articles 11/16/2016
Reaching Out to the Stakeholders: A Principal’s Task Articles 11/16/2016
Towards a New Road Articles 11/16/2016
Happy to be a Teacher Articles 11/16/2016
A Glimpse from My Experiences... Articles 11/15/2016
Formative Assessment Articles 11/15/2016
Improving Reading Competencies in English Articles 11/2/2016
To Be a 21st Century Teacher News 11/2/2016
Leaders…Soaring High Articles 10/19/2016
What It Takes to be a Good School Leader Articles 10/19/2016
Education for All: Inclusive Education for Children with Special Needs Articles 10/6/2016
Personality Adjustment of Junior to Senior High School Articles 10/6/2016
Confessions of an Effective Teacher Articles 10/3/2016
Trails of A Noble School Manager Articles 10/3/2016
Innovation and Technology in a Changing World: A Must for Every School Articles 10/3/2016
Star Observation, Shines! Articles 10/3/2016
The Mark of a Teacher Articles 9/23/2016
School Administrators as Stakeholders in Curriculum Implementation Articles 9/23/2016
Quality Education: The Continuing Search Articles 9/23/2016
On School Development and Improvement Articles 9/23/2016
What A Leader Should Be in Today’s Educational Landscape Articles 9/23/2016
Pleasures Gained from Reading Articles 9/22/2016
Learning How to be an Effective Leader Articles 9/22/2016
Pro-active and Responsive: the 21st Century Principal Articles 9/20/2016
21st Century Education: Are the Leaders Ready? Articles 9/20/2016
Creative Communication with Stakeholders: A must for a School Head Articles 9/20/2016
Creativity and Innovativeness: Perspectives of a School Head Articles 9/20/2016
Discipline is a Must! Articles 9/20/2016
ICT Integration in Teaching and Learning Process Articles 9/20/2016
Empathy: A Vital Element of Leadership Articles 9/19/2016
Instructional Observation Articles 9/16/2016
Work and Leisure in Education Articles 9/16/2016
Action Planning: A Glimpse Articles 9/16/2016
The Realities of Students Life… Articles 9/16/2016
Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy Articles 9/16/2016
The Key to Effective Leadership Articles 9/16/2016
A Very Special Task Called School Paper Advising Articles 9/16/2016
Mathematically Speaking Literary 9/15/2016
English Language Teaching in The 21st Century Articles 9/15/2016
Appreciating God’s Gift-The ability to Speak Articles 9/15/2016
A Millennium in Science…Healing after the Upheavals Articles 9/15/2016
TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION and the K to 12 Challenge Articles 9/15/2016
The Teacher as Instrument Leaders Articles 9/15/2016
My Name is Jo-Ann, and I am a Teacher Articles 9/15/2016
My Pupils, My Heroes Articles 9/15/2016
New Directions In School System: Undertaking Strategic Change Articles 9/15/2016
What is “CHARISMA” as a Leader Articles 9/15/2016
I AM A TEACHER….PROUD TO BE ONE Articles 9/15/2016
H.E.A.D. that works Articles 9/15/2016
Leaders of the 21st Century Articles 9/15/2016
The Advantages and Disadvantages of School District Evaluation Articles 9/15/2016
How to Increase Parents Involvement in the School Activities Articles 9/15/2016
English as Medium of Instructions: Breaking the Barrier Articles 9/14/2016
Take Time to Think Articles 9/14/2016
DepED RO3 streamlines frontline services; expedites release of documents Announcement 9/7/2016
Revised Procedure in the Processing of Equivalents Record Forms (ERFs) Announcement 8/31/2016
Expediting the Issuance of Certification, Authentication and Verification (CAV) of Elementary and Secondary Education Diploma, Official Transcript of Records and other School Records Announcement 8/30/2016
DepEd Advisory: Unscrupulous Caller Announcement 8/30/2016
Forging the Future through Language Articles 8/23/2016
Division Search for 2016 Brigada Eskwela Best Implementing Schools Winners Announcement 7/27/2016
Qualifiers to the 2016 Principals Test Announcement 7/22/2016
Maturity Gearing Towards Success Articles 7/20/2016
Ten Commandments for Teachers Articles 7/20/2016
Growing with the School Articles 7/20/2016
The Stimulator Articles 7/14/2016
On School-Based Management Articles 7/14/2016
Stimulating Teachers to Innovate Articles 7/14/2016
On Leadership Articles 7/13/2016
What A Sound Body Needs Articles 7/13/2016
The First Taste of Victory Articles 6/30/2016
Where will Campus Journalists go? Articles 6/30/2016
How to Overcome Stage Fright and Excel in Your Speaking Performance Articles 6/14/2016
Math is Fun! Articles 6/13/2016
Bullying Among Co-workers Articles 6/13/2016
How Cruel Math Is Articles 6/13/2016
How to Have a Class Debate Articles 6/6/2016
Changing the New Phase of Education Philosophy Articles 6/6/2016
Orientation on DepEd Computerization Program (DCP) Batches 29 and 30 Announcement 6/5/2016
Pag-IBIG Fund Expanded Raffle Promo Announcement 6/2/2016
Schedule of JHS Teachers Training Announcement 5/29/2016
Postponement of Senior High School Mass Training of Teachers Announcement 5/27/2016
Senior High School Mass Training of Teachers Announcement 5/26/2016
Division Training of JHS Teachers who will possibly Teach in the Senior High School Announcement 5/26/2016
Bigger Opportunities Articles 5/23/2016
At The Right Time Articles 5/23/2016
An Innovative Teacher Articles 5/20/2016
Where Do Senior High Graduates Go? Articles 5/20/2016
Increasing Environmental Awareness, Key to A Safer Earth Articles 5/19/2016
Work Ethics for Teachers Articles 5/19/2016
Research: A Tool for Progress Articles 5/19/2016
Managing Oneself an Ancillary for Leaders Articles 5/17/2016
Innovative Reading Climate for Slow Readers Articles 5/17/2016
A 21st Century Leader Dedicated . . . Passionate . . . Committed Articles 5/17/2016
Leadership Innovation in Education: Practical Guide for Successful Learning Articles 5/17/2016
My Journey as a Teacher Articles 5/17/2016
Education is Important in One’s Life Articles 5/16/2016
Life is All About Education Articles 5/16/2016
The Artist in A Teacher Articles 5/16/2016
Blessings in Education Workplace Articles 5/16/2016
Teaching-A Sacrificial Profession Literary 5/16/2016
Top-5 Must Possess Qualities for New Math Teachers Articles 5/16/2016
What Can Teacher Do To Help Protect Students From Computer Gambling? Articles 5/16/2016
Parents Involvement in School Improvement Articles 5/16/2016
Just Be Fair and Just Articles 5/16/2016
Teachers’ Many Reasons to Smile Articles 5/16/2016
A Student Leader’s Dilemma Articles 5/16/2016
Is Retiring Perspiring? Articles 5/16/2016
DepEd NE Sets New Direction Articles 5/16/2016
Unang Sigaw ng Nueva Ecija Articles 5/16/2016
BURN Burnout OUT! Articles 5/16/2016
How to Study Current Events Articles 5/16/2016
Sistehan….Mga Karanasan…..Katatapos na Eleksiyon Natunghayan Articles 5/16/2016
Teachers in the ICT Classes Articles 5/16/2016
The Heart to Heart Approach Articles 5/16/2016
How “Adopt-A-Student Program” Reduce Drop Outs and Absenteeism Articles 5/16/2016
The Importance of Continuing Professional Development Articles 5/16/2016
The Bliss of Being a Teacher Articles 5/16/2016
DepEd Nueva Ecija in Greater Heights Articles 5/16/2016
Research…Anyone? Articles 5/16/2016
Enhancing Spiritual Development Among Teachers and Students in Secondary Schools Articles 5/16/2016
Postponement of Training of all SHS Qualifiers Announcement 5/15/2016
Health in Rice Articles 5/13/2016
How about Technology Integration Articles 5/13/2016
Avoid the Summer Red Eyes Articles 5/13/2016
The Cultural Perspective in Education Articles 5/13/2016
Video Lesson-How They Help the Teachers and the Students Articles 5/13/2016
What Makes a Good Leader? Articles 5/12/2016
K to 12 EBEP: Oras na Articles 5/11/2016
Good Leader, Good Reader Articles 5/11/2016
21st Century Learners Articles 5/11/2016
Teachers: Mirrors of Nobility; Reflection of Humility Articles 5/11/2016
The Value of In-Service Trainings Among Teachers Articles 5/11/2016
Redefining The Role of a Teacher in A Classroom Articles 5/11/2016
Education and National Development towards Cultural Preservation Articles 5/10/2016
On Becoming a Leader Articles 5/10/2016
The Benefits of Reading Articles 5/10/2016
PRO-ACTIVE, RESPONSE, CREATIVE: The Imperatives of 21st Century School Heads in the Philippines Articles 5/10/2016
Education, Culture and Globalization in the Changing Time Articles 5/10/2016
Publishing Articles in the Official Division Website Announcement 5/5/2016
DepEd Live Stream Training for BEIs Announcement 5/2/2016
Orientation on the Proposed Guidelines for the Preparation of 2015 PBB Announcement 4/26/2016
Partial RQA Results for Senior High School Teacher applicants Announcement 4/14/2016
2016 Graduation Messages Announcement 3/10/2016
Implementation of the First Tranche Compensation Adjustment for Civilian Personnel, and Military and Uniformed Personnel in the National Government News 3/10/2016
Implementation of the First Tranche Compensation Adjustment for Civilian Personnel, and Military and Uniformed Personnel in the National Government . News 3/10/2016
Submission of Requirements for Payment of Salary Differential for the Months of January & February 2016 Announcement 3/10/2016
Blue and White Bloodletting Pre-Screening Day Features 3/7/2016
Schedule of Ranking for Non-Teaching Position in the Schools Division Office (SDO) Announcement 3/3/2016
SSES Qualifying Admission Test, Age Requirement and Date of Entrance Examination Announcement 3/3/2016
Submission of Number of TVL Workshop Available, Needed and Ongoing for the Senior High School SY 2016-2017 Announcement 3/3/2016
GSIS Online Membership and Request Forms Announcement 2/29/2016
Orientation Seminar on Dengue Immunization with Stakeholders Announcement 2/29/2016
Consultative Meeting of all PSDS and Presidents of the Principals Association on March 4, 2016 Announcement 2/28/2016
Calling the Attention of Responsible School Leaders Articles 2/23/2016
Curriculum Leadership: Essential Function of School Heads Articles 2/23/2016
Reiterating Prohibition for Government Employees Relative to the Forthcoming National and Local Elections and Rules for the Board of Election Instectors (BEI) Announcement 2/18/2016
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Division Conference/Orientation of All ALS Implementers Announcement 2/9/2016
Ranking of Senior High School Applicants Announcement 1/31/2016
I Love My Teacher Concert Announcement 1/14/2016
Conducting Division Wide Open Ranking for Head Teacher I and Principal II Positions in the Elementary Announcement 1/12/2016
Meeting of Liaison Officers will be postponed to January 15, 2016 Announcement 1/12/2016
2015 Graduation Message News 3/17/2015
List of Candidates/Applicants for Issuance of Appointment as of February 12, 2015 News 2/12/2015
Natural Vacancy Positions under the New Structure of the approved Rationalization Program of the Department of Education Announcement 12/18/2014
DepEd Order No. 66 s. 2007 Announcement 12/3/2014
DCP Recipients - Batch 26, 27 and 28 News 11/18/2014
Nomination of the Participants for 2015 Australia Awards Scholarship (June 2015 Intake-Targeted Category) Announcement 11/18/2014
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Data Management and Technology Meeting News 6/29/2014
List of Due and Demandable Accounts Payable - Advice to Debit Accounts (LDDAP-ADA) News 5/30/2014
Division FPTA donates Conference Wood Crafts… A Realization of an Elusive Dream News 4/22/2014
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2014 Graduation Message Announcement 3/17/2014
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ICT and Library Hub Coordinators Meeting Announcement 2/9/2014
Declaring January 25, 2014 as the Early Registration Day Announcement 1/21/2014
Status of Permanent,Casuals and Contractual Employees Announcement 1/15/2014
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Adopt-A-School Program Kit News 12/10/2013
Approval and Implementation of the 2013 DepEd Rationalization Plan Announcement 12/9/2013
National Awardees of the 2013 Brigada Eskwela Best Implementers News 11/24/2013
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Digital Storytelling in English Class: A Multimedia Learning Experience Literary 11/7/2013
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.....Off to Laoag Articles 9/26/2013
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Wikang Filipino, Dangal ng Lahi Ko! Articles 9/26/2013
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Information on Proportional Vacation Pay (PVP) (Most Frequently Asked Questions) Articles 9/26/2013
Meeting of Federated PTA Officers 2013-2014 Announcement 9/19/2013
Division Planning Conference for Araling Panlipunan AP, Head Teachers/Area Chairs in the Secondary and School Principals who are AP Coordinators in the Districts Announcement 9/19/2013
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Postponement of the National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) in areas affected by typhoon Maring Announcement 8/27/2013
2013 Nueva Ecija Quiz Bee Champion Is From Peñaranda National High School News 8/24/2013
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Please submit in soft and hard copies the School/District Profile not later than July 08, 2013 to the Office of the Assistant Superintendent in charge of Special Programs and Projects. Announcement 6/17/2013
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