DepEd Nueva Ecija
Characteristics of an Educated Person
(by Analeah P. Edubane  4/30/2013)

Education builds the foundation of success to every individual. It molds their mind and heart to become a better person. It changes people to become responsible and mature citizen. Education molds the person in a meaningful way that he/she will become an asset of the society and will possess the following characteristic.

1. An educated person is globally competitive. She/he knows that today’s society is driven by modern technology and skills in Information and Communication Technology is an advantage. They know that upon possessing the 21st century skills will give them greater chance of employment here and abroad.

2. An educated person possesses nationalism and patriotism in mind and in heart. Being aware of what our heroes went through in defending our country from the invaders, realizing their sacrifices to gain our freedom makes an educated person proud of his heritage and has the will to restore the freedom and democracy in his beloved country.

3. An educated person fosters love for humanity. They respect the right of each individual and accept its uniqueness. An educated person knows that loving people is a divine mandate so never he will hurt anyone. Never he will think or pray the misfortunate of others. All he thinks about is how he can help his fellowmen in distress.

4. An educated person knows his rights and duties as a Filipino citizen. Education makes people assertive of his rights and duties but never doubt the integrity of the how to deal with it in peaceful and orderly manner. He also knows his duties in his environment. Being steward of Earth, he knows and lives in the principle of conversation of natural resources to maintain the balance of the ecosystem where he lives.

5. An educated person maintains high morale, personal discipline and spiritual values. They comply with moral laws and regulations. They do the right thing at the right time with the right motive. He believes and fears God at all times and always seek the Divine guidance in all his undertakings.

6. An educated person is a critical thinker. They have the ability to question and analyze the current situation carefully plan solution on how to deal with problems. They can provide alternatives to confusing theories and concepts in order to find solutions.

7. An educated person knows his/her responsibility to the economic recovery of his/her country. They know that they are the hope of their nation and a tool for economic recovery. Their success will have a great impact in the progress of their own nation.

If we are going to analyze the current situation of our country today, one will say, it’s hopeless. But as an educator, I don’t believe in such word as hopeless, because there is always a second chance, a room for improvement if everybody will cooperate and share common goal to save the country to its deteriorating situation.