DepEd Nueva Ecija
Gulayan sa Paaralan: Aid in Teaching and Learning
(by Angelo C. Veneracion  7/22/2013)

“Prevention is better than cure”, it is the most common saying we read in medical world. It highly recommends prevention to eradicate illnesses worse scenario. Why not we start this prevention as young as the person is to totally dismiss those sicknesses? Let us train them in healthy habit that they can carry as they grow old. As an educator, I can associate the fore mentioned line in my profession by simply planting trees and vegetables as aid of teaching and learning in my teaching. How?

I started Gulayan Sa Paaralan four years ago, I knew this would be a great means in helping, training and enhancing planting skills of every pupil. Being settled in a barrio, possessing that knowledge and skills is indeed a treasure. Having Gulayan sa Paaralan educate the pupils in reaping what they’ve sown. This also caters basic foods that everybody needs. The pupils are gradually trained and sooner equipped with knowledge and skills that are very useful in their everyday lives. They are also practiced in the whole process of growing seeds from the planning, planting, nurturing till harvesting. They are also experimenting by means of planting vegetables with both organic and inorganic fertilizers where they knew the advantage and disadvantages in using either of the two. Also, Gulayan sa Paaralan makes the pupils responsible in attending their plants’ needs to have a good harvest. I work out the aim of having good harvest by demonstrating and explaining the do’s and don’ts in vegetation. I have to be patient in always telling them the benefits that they can get thru planting.

After months of taking care of their plants and now ready to harvest, I observed the excitement among my pupils. They are all proud of their selves. Hearing them enumerating the facts they learned as their plants grow, is indeed rewarding for me. I can hear their plans by the time they have to harvest their foliage. Others sell it for extra income, others bring it home to be cooked and others give to their neighbours. And all of these are my expectations aside from imparting good practices in planting. I knew that they learned the importance of planting and sowing fruits and vegetables.

And thru my Gulayan Sa Paaralan, the pupils understand the fact that fruit of their hard works are more delicious than of those commercialized. And their knowledge that their food is healthy since it’s not grown by chemicals is their guarantee that they will have a good health leading to healthy body that prevents illnesses, hence cure has no room.

Until now, I’m still doing Gulayan sa Paaralan and promoting it to my co-teachers in our district and start their own. I also encourage everyone to start putting up your Gulayan sa Paaralan and soon feel the satisfaction and reward you can get from vegetation.