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We Rescue our Students through Remedial Teaching
(by Ma.Cecilia M. Linsangan  12/19/2017)

Children with learning difficulties have the same psychological needs and characteristics as other children. Some of them, however, maybe less able to organize their perceptions or to comprehend abstract ideas and concepts. It’s our role then to be part of areas, where in they are in difficult situation, and it’s our capacity to determine how much more is needed for a child to learn and reach the level of capacity expected based on the curriculum or class program.

Daily teaching scenario is like pouring water among our plants in the garden  sometimes there  were plants in the plant box that absorbed less and some absorbed much, it end  their  leaves were dry. It is also our classroom scenario, students with lesser capacity to absorb the lesson seems to be less interested and the test results is always lower than expected passing  rate.

There are factors that we may consider before we conclude that the child had a poor intellectual capacity such as: Some may have poor memory, poor level of motivation, and short span of attention in work situations or associated behavioral problems. Other factors are: family background of the child, the physical and learning environment of the school, and the pupils’ peer groups. Generally we must be very considerate not merely to give passing grades but also to improve their potentials. Their self-worth, talent and help them find themselves and never dwell on their negatives but more on their little daily improvements. It will help them reach little by little what is expected of them. We must do our share by including our hearts in the process. The making of child’s future on how he would level himself depends on how he would in his capacity. By improving his capacity in stages (day today inputs by teacher), the manifestation of the stages is learners capacity (day today output of the child)

In teaching parents participation when needed is highly recommended. Camaraderie between learners’ parents and teachers is evidently showing that child’s performance is always at the high level. It is maybe because the later knows that anytime the teacher will report on his/her performance.  The attention given by parents and teachers to learners is called “care”. It is not only in the head but the we have it in Basic education curriculum as affective scheme and now reflection in our daily lesson plan.

Good deeds of the child and appreciation by teachers will lead to entering into remedial teaching not necessarily in the form of “tutoring” but also in a form of making each day to day activity a means to express himself, let the idea flows freely by having a rule “ no wrong answers, each answer is accepted.” The fact that child passes the paper its already 1 point, wrote something in the paper 2 points, answer the questions if it is wrong at least or right at least he had2points not zero.  Always have group work/activity and psychomotor skills projects. In this regard not merely memorization or writing long lectures will be means to have remedial…remedy to the situation is very important.  Focus on child not on your standard.

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