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Teachers: Molders of The Future Generation, Builders of The Nation
(by Ariel S. Morales  8/6/2018)

To teach is to touch a life forever. Indeed, it is very true. Teacher has the most powerful word more than anyone else. It can create a better future nor can ruin the life of an individual. The influence of his words are enough to build someone’s disposition. But how do you know if you are making a difference to lives of your pupils? Research have shown that teachers have been accounted for 30 % of the variance in the major source of pupils achievement. It is what the teacher know, do and valued that make up a powerful learning. Here are some signs that teachers are making difference:
First, you served as an inspiration to your pupils. Pupil is inspired to study lesson without being told because he has a goal, and that is to be better and better everyday. Research made by Lucas (1990), Weinert and Kluwe (1987) showed that teac. As identified, teachers must give frequent positive feedback that supports students' beliefs that they can do well and they must help students feel that they are valued members of a learning community. Second, you listened to your pupils. Most of the time, pupil talk about ideas which were learned from you making it as their motivation in doing their task. Third, you motivate pupils to participate in class activities. Able to collaborate freely of an introvert personality is an achievement because you are capable of pushing them to be comfortable and share ideas to the class. Fourth, you encourage pupils to try something new with their talents. Pushes pupils to go beyond their talent ability. Fifth, children are enjoying while you are teaching them. Showing their interest and making the best out of what they can is a big accomplishment. Lastly, one of your pupils became an educator also. Pupils idolized you because of what you exerted. Effort, love and care you’ve shown are some of the things probably admired by them.
Teaching may not be just a “job” but truly it is a profession. The prize of being one of them is be able to be part of building the nation through imparting what you know and what they should have known because pupils are the builders of the future, they have a big responsibility in building the nation.

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