DepEd SDO Nueva Ecija
Education of Today…Future of the Philippines
(by Ma. Cecilia M. Linsangan  12/19/2017)

It’s a new trend in Educational system here in our country to totally full blast the implementation of having twelve years from pre elementary to secondary, the so-called senior high begun.

Our government and some of its critics had some arguments…too much to say some are still in their nut shell looking at the negative side while hiding the reality that it is one of the ways to make our graduates competitive and if employment issues will be raised, it is one of the great solutions.

We in the elementary level will still be the core foundation of education whatever will be the set-up or the implemented procedure to be advised the higher authority. The scenario will still be in the notion that reading and writing as well as counting were most essential features to be considered in reaching the higher level.

Nowadays, implementation of different Department of Education Orders occurs. Its impact is to strengthen the mastery of learning from among our students. We are given ample time and was visited by our officials to see the actual capabilities and facilities our school can offer to learners.  It is very inspiring to all teachers and boosting the enthusiasm and making this new era of teaching-learning reflects in their classroom.

The flight were on to is the performance output among us and our students. It is the reality of life based education.

Getting to be involved outside the four corners of our classroom by building live museums…our garden during our culminating activities is one great example how we are dealing with this changes.

Let’s be positive as always, make our homeroom and class program positively implemented so to expect a country on a positive path while reaching the goal to be developed and globally competitive.

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