DepEd SDO Nueva Ecija
My Journey as an SBM Practitioner
(by Alona T. Bauto  1/12/2018)

I have learned in the School Heads Development Program ( SHDP) that School Based Management ( SBM ) underscores the empowerment of the stakeholders in school communities to enable them to actively participate in the continuous improvement of schools towards the attainment of higher pupils learning outcomes .

During my first year in Don Emiliano Soriano Elementary School when i had an SBM Orientations on the roles and responsibilities of Internal and External stakeholders and SBM System and Organization Set Up of School Teams i have seen in their face that they are not aware of it, i was confused if the stakeholders will participate and support the programs and project that we are going to implement in our school.

While implementing the programs and projects in the school, i encountered difficulties and problems but with the tips i have received in my co school heads i had overcome that difficulties and solved that problems

I have done my part, duties and responsibilities, as an SBM practioner, we had the programs and projects that benefit our learners, teachers and community , the stakeholders also did their part, they participated and supported our programs and projects, and i was happy with the result, we have accomplished our programs and projects for the School Year 2016-2017.

Proper communication and coordination with the stakeholders helped me realizing our goals.

I have realized that as an SBM practitioner, i can make a difference to the life of the learners, teachers and community by showing and developing in them the commitment, love for education and become supportive individual. If these are developed they will become good citizens of our society who can contribute for the success of their lives and progress of our country.

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