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Distance Learning
(by Ma.Cecilia M. Linsangan  12/19/2017)

The present generation is growing up in a digital world. Using the internet and various products of technology plays a big role in our everyday experience thus the change to digital within education is leading to a raft of new exciting opportunities for education. Different types of technology are now being utilized to improve online learning and as an outcome, learning opportunities that are impossible for people living in distant and rural areas can obtain a college education, a degree, and a special training that are all made possible with the help of technology through distance learning or education.

Distance learning is an instructional delivery system where students receive training through online classes, video recordings, one on one video conferencing, or any other audio/visual technological means. It enables people to acquire an education without having to be physically present in a classroom. These materials are produced by the university, college or learning provider and are either sent directly to the student or more usually today accessed via the internet. This gives people a very convenient and an effective way to get more education and at the same time obtain more working experience while completing a degree or other training and it has made education more available to bigger groups of people. In fact, many organizations like the military, government agencies, and large corporations rely on distance education for their employee's training; students who are living in far areas can still attain education by enrolling in online courses and may choose their own time frame according to their schedules. Since students can complete courses anywhere the Internet is accessible, many often take time during a work break or while staying in a hotel throughout their business trip to complete their school works. The flexibility of distance learning is one of the main appeals of these programs.

Although this can fit to our own schedules, students who are enrolled in this type of education still need to have the initiative to study and complete their course works because this is not an easy and automatic pass, this needs hard work and determination that is why lazy students will probably not successfully complete the courses that they will enroll in. However, because of the flexibility of these programs even students who are very busy and may have various responsibilities can still find time to study despite their busy schedules.

Distance learning has rapidly been adopted as the training and education method of choice among busy working professionals, stay at home moms, and other people incapable to attend college by using computer and the internet it made distance learning faster, easier and more convenient to them. Online distance learning programs offer the most affordable and convenient manner of earning a degree, improving skills and pursuing a higher education.

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