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Innovative Reading Climate for Slow Readers
(by Vivian P. Maducdoc  3/26/2017)

                In the advent of modern technology, students in general have no more interest to read articles from books, magazines or even from newspapers. They are now dependent on the easy access to computer through internet for their research, assignments, and school written activities. They even rely on the instant answer and details from the devices without mere understanding of the whole scope of the story or matter they are researching for. They even forget that the best way to have a good retention of knowledge and information is through reading.

            Slow readers have difficulty coping up with these great technological changes in order for them to keep up the stream of this cyber change. Based on the report of English teachers regarding the result of their classroom-based reading test, some students have basic skills in computer but they are still slow readers in terms of reading the actual printed books or reading materials. They have no initiative to do reading activities. According to some students, they have no opportunity to practice reading at their home because they are not used to do this but instead they preferred to watch television.

            Slow readers within themselves want to improve their reading skills however they need the support and encouragement in order to motivate them to have interest in practicing reading. If they are not at ease in doing it in the school library, or they prefer to have a reading activity outside classroom, it is high time that we offer them a place where they can feel that they belonged to a group of students who have potentials to change their attitude towards reading.

            An interesting place with good climate for their reading time and activity should be provided for them. This kind of room or place is necessary in this situation, a place where they can be allowed to read orally by themselves alone and do some comfortable movements and positions. This is a room where they can sit on the floor or can eat snacks while they are reading. This room should serve as their haven in any reading activities during vacant time. Make this room as their second home.  They can do some activities that develop their vocabulary skills like playing scrabble, jigsaw word puzzle, etc.

            This innovative Reading Climate has a main role to students especially to slow readers because they will experience practicing their tongue to read orally the chosen articles or books based on their reading level without any worries or impediments to continue reading.

            As a result, this better climate and balanced environment serves as a core motivation for slow readres to be a good reader someday.

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